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Settings Window

Before using the software we should configure the preferences by going to the Settings window. To do so, click the center button in the main flyout menu and move your mouse until you see the settings symbol located upper right at 1 O'clock.

Personal Preferences

Choose Sir or madam, this way LINKS will refer to you the right way. You can alsouse "Get_SirORMadam" inside command responses so LINKS can call u "sir" or "madam".


If you have thousands of commands you can export the database and replace sir or madam in excel using the ctrl+f search and replace option, after doing so save the exported file as .txt and import it back.

You can also choose the name you want the A.I. to call you and use this variable XXXX to use it on a command response. Choose your favorite A.I.

under development get_AIName

Email options

Media options

Weather options

Web options

Skin options

Sound effects

News options

Back up and restore

Web server options

Speech recognition options

Emulation speech

If you don't want to open the settings windows with your mouse, you can also open it with voice commands. Simply edit the Default Commands.