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Profiles lets us organize our commands and allows LINKS to understand better. We know that adding a ton of commands to the software will cause its recognition abilities to suffer. We also considered that some of the commands will be focused more for certain situations. For instance, if I am playing a game and want to change song, I don't want it to think I said print when I say point. By creating profiles you give yourself the flexibility to include commands that are tailored to what you are doing. We hope that this gives people better results and a more customized and friendly experience. (If you stick with main profile all the time without separating your commands into different profiles that suite your needs, the results you get may not be as desired).


Managing Profiles

You can add profiles by opening the profiles window from the second Fly-Out menu and first button. This will bring up a small window that will contain a list of profiles. From this window you can delete, add, or select a profile.

To add a profile select the first empty cell and type the name in. When done, press enter which will move your mouse to the next line. Once you press update this will add the profile to the software. You will now be able to use this profile.

Deleting profiles is just as simple. Select the profile you want to delete by clicking it. Then press delete. With the command gone you can press update and the command will now be removed. Keep in mind, the profile will be deleted, but the commands will not be. If you add the profile, spelling it the same way, it will still show those commands inside Customize window and Keyboard window.

Switching Profiles Profiles were created with the user experience in mind. We understand that some of the commands you create will inevitably won't be used all the time. To cut back on what the software will understand at different times we decided to create a profile based solution. Main is the standard profile and is included with the software. To find out more about profiles you go look through this. You can switch profiles by clicking the profiles button.


After you click the profiles button another pop up window will appear. You can select the profile you want from the drop down and then click done. This will cause the software to display any commands that you have entered for it. It will also tell you which profile is selected in the bottom right corner of the commands window.

Getting more profiles

If you contribute with a donation, you might be rewarded with a profile. After donating put attention to the Google form that pops out in your browser. Enter your personal information and you will receive a password for the file.