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It is the main circle that appears in the middle of the screen with the A.I. Name.


It's conformed with 4 important elements:

  1. A.I. Name - You can change the A.I. Name in the Personal Preferences section under the Settings window
  2. Microphone Level - composed by 6 arcs that are highlighted when software detects your voice. (NOTE: If all 6 arcs are always highlighted, the software is picking up a lot of noise, please check your microphone).
  3. Orange button - It indicates that the software is enabled and will listen to any command. Once you click the button, the color will change and the software will stop listening to any command. This is ideal in situations where you need to make sure that it does not pick up any noise and come online by itself.
  4. Fly-ouy menu - main button to access more sections.

Fly-Out Menu

The flyout menu's allows you to access customization options. When you click the center of the Main Control Center, you will see an object pop out from the window. This will follow your mouse around Main Control Center. From here, you can place that object at various places around the outside of the main window. Once you land on a spot that will launch another sub menu, you will see arrows like you do in the picture below. When the menu expands, you can place your mouse over one of the 2 buttons. This will cause the panel with the small icons to light up and text will change in the center of the main window. This test informs you what menu option you are currently on and about to select.


Shrink/Expand Main Control Center

Press and hold shift button while scrolling up or down to change the size of the Main Control Center.


Moving Main Control Center

You can move the main user interface anywhere on the screen that you want. To do this you can hold the shift key then click and hold while sliding the interface wherever you would like. Currently it will always slide to the right side when opening another menu. It will also return to the centersame position when you close an open menu item, such as settings or custom commands.