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The keyboard window allows for a user to enter voice commands that link back to a keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut is implemented using windows Keys.

This window includes the following options:

  • Voice Command: The command you will speak
  • Response: What the software says back to you
  • Macro: This is the key command is executes
  • Profile: The profile that the command belongs to

Managing Commands

You can add commands two different ways. The first is to type them in the same way you do in the customize winodw. This can be difficult unless you are familiar with Windows Forms Keys. If you are then you can just type them out (be sure to include a profile name if you do type them out), otherwise you can type the voice command and response, then press the record button (make sure you are inside of the macro cell before you click record) which will bring up the following window for you to record your keystrokes.


Once you press the record button the software will automatically record any keystrokes you enter. When you have entered the keystrokes you can press stop to stop recoding. This will close the window and insert the command into the macro. If you are not happy with this you can press abort and try again. As always press enter to go to the next line when you are finished entering a command. If you want to add more just repeat the process. Be sure to press update when you are finished entering commands.


See Microsoft Windows Forms Keys